Plan lay-out, install and repair wiring, electrical fixtures, apparatus and control equipment. Repair faulty equipment and systems. Inspect wiring and fixtures for conformance to company specifications and local electrical codes, using test equipment, such as voltmeter and ohmmeter. Interpret specifications, blueprints and job orders to workers and assigned duties.



Oversee the installation, repair and maintenance of electrical systems in factories, warehouses, production areas and other businesses. Test existing equipment and determine if components of a system need to be upgraded or replaced. Check switches, motors, regulators and other parts of an industrial electrical system as well as work on hydraulic, pneumatic and other kinds of systems. 



Install wiring and troubleshoot electrical problems in homes and barns. Work on new-home construction as well as electrical renovations and upgrades in remodels. Install and troubleshoot outlets and provide access to power where needed. We work in maintenance and remodeling typically to repair and replace faulty equipment. For example, if a circuit breaker repeatedly trips after being reset, we troubleshoot it in order to determine the reason and fix it.